‘MIRARICH’ facial cream with 8 plant stem cell extracts moisturizes and protects your skin

It is significant to maintain hydration in your skin and to protect skin from external irritants, in order to keep your skin moisturized and smooth. It is important to support the barrier function of your skin to operate regularly by providing proper skincare routine to restore skin condition.

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Natural moisturizing agent in your skin

Naturally, skin has ability to generate moisturizing agent to maintain the moisture in the skin as well as “barrier function’ to protect skin from external irritating properties. That is the stratum corneum, outermost layer of the skin. ‘NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor)’ maintains moisture with corneocytes in cornified layer; ‘intercellular lipid’ binds corneocytes to maintain moisture; ‘sebum barrier’ protects the skin surface: these 3 properties work together as perfect barrier function.

Cells generated deep inside the epidermal layer divide themselves to be corneocytes, then becomes a layer to form the stratum corneum. Cells that form the stratum corneum are generated at the basal layer and rise to the skin surface, then peel off the skin surface. This process is called a ‘turnover.’ When this turnover is functioning well, the skin stays smooth and moisturized. However, when this cycle is disturbed, the skin loses moisture retention, which causes dullness, and it becomes vulnerable to irritants. That is when a skincare routine that supports your skin to function well becomes necessary, by supplying insufficient agents due to climate, daily habit and disturbed turnover cycle.

Supply Moisturizing Agent

NMF(Natural Moisturizing Factor)

In the process of turnover, NMF developed during protein breakdown is high water binding responsible for keeping hydration of stratum corneum.

The composition of NMF is 40% amino acids, 12% sodium lactate, 12% PCA-Na, 7% urea, and other ingredients. MIRARICH has ingredients that cause same effects. They are 3 kinds of amino acids (alanine, aspartic acid, glutamic acid), 4 kinds of sugar (glucose, fructose, sucrose, dextrin), and urea.

In this product, as a part of amino acids, hydrolyzed royal jelly extract is combined. Royal jelly extract contains large amount of essential amino acids ‘histidine,’ which reinforces moisture-holding factor, and synergistic effect of skin improvement can be expected.

Intercellular Lipids

Intercellular lipids play a role to bind corneocytes. In a healthy skin, sufficient intercellular lipids spread through the system, beautifully line up corneocytes and maintain the barrier function in a prime condition.

Intercellular lipids forms ‘lamellar structure’, alternating layers of sebum and water, which retains moisture in the skin and prevent it from losing. Intercellular lipids are consisted of 50% ceramide, 30% cholesterol, and 20% fatty acid.

By combining citron fruit extract, it was able to contain free ceramide that is similar to corneous ceramide of human body. With these ingredients, it is expected to provide effects to improve rough dry skin, mitigate irritation, reinforce barrier function, moisturize, and ameliorate wrinkles.

Sebum Barrier

Sebum generated in sebaceous gland and water generated in sweat gland intermingle with each other to develop sebum barrier, which covers the surface of the skin to protect from external irritants as well as to prevent dehydration inside skin system.

The composition of sebum barrier is, 41% oleic acid, 25% wax ester, 16% fatty acid, 12% squalene, and 5% other properties.

To have the same effect, this product includes the combination of argania spinosa, Jojoba, and squalene. These ingredients provide high moisturizing effect to promote regeneration of skin cells.

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MIRA skincare series products contain 8 different kinds of plant stem cells. Stem cells have an ‘ability to duplicate and regenerate their own cells,’ and support the health of your skin.

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