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A remarkable blend of 8 different plant-derived stem cells Skin renewal nano serum Miracle 8

Stem cells have become a trending phenomenon in the beauty industry globally.

Plant stem cells possess the ability to transform into numerous other types of cells (known as multilineage potential), as well as to replicate themselves by splitting into multiple cells identical to the original stem cell (or self-renewal).
These remarkable properties are the basis of regeneration therapy in skin care, developed to radically improve and repair distressed skin.

Created with premium ingredients and the latest technologies, Miracle 8 is indeed a miracle among serums.

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The industry's first successful blend of 8 different plant stem cells

The cosmetic market has seen an influx of stem cell products, primarily using apple stem cells. Until recently, the high cost and relative rarity of this ingredient has resulted in an upper limit of 4 stem cell varieties in a product. Miracle 8 earns its name as the industry's first successful formulation of 8 plant-derived stem cells.

We've combined these stem cells with an ultra-concentrated vitamin capsule system — plus a potent blend of moisturizing and firming ingredients — to result in a high-performance product that can restore your skin's natural resilience.

8 Stem Cells with Miraculous Benefits

Miracle 8 Formula
Complete rejuvenating benefits in one bottle

Fresh vitamins are released upon contact with skin


Replenishing ingredients hydrate skin.


When massaged into skin with fingertips, ultra-concentrated vitamin capsules in the serum release active ingredients.

3.Delivery to deeper layers of skin

Ultra-concentrated vitamin capsules are dispersed to penetrate skin. Liposomes deliver serum to the deeper layers of skin.

The moisturizing and replenishing Miracle 8 formula hydrates the epidermis on contact. By gently rubbing the serum into skin using your fingertips, you'll activate the ultra-concentrated vitamin capsules, helping the formula to penetrate as the capsules burst open to release concentrated vitamins into skin.

Far smaller than skin pores, the lipsosome particles quickly penetrate to deliver the precious stem cell formula to your skin's deeper layers.

While the cuticle barrier ordinarily blocks topical Vitamin C, the ultra-concentrated vitamin capsules contain Vitamin C derivatives with an enhanced ability to penetrate skin together with the other vitamins.

Ultra-Concentrated Fresh Vitamin Capsules

Vitamin A is essential to cell growth and differentiation. Vitamin C improves dark spots and wrinkles, and Vitamin E promotes even skin tone. These 3 vitamins are potent antioxidants and have been coined Vitamin ACE. Consuming them together can produce synergistic benefits.

Astaxanthin is a carotenoid that also provides powerful antioxidative benefits, helping to control the production of active internal oxygen and protect against oxidative cell damage.

Nutrients are often vulnerable to oxygen, light, and heat. A coating of Natural Agar helps prevent exposure to the elements, preserving the integrity of the serum until the moment it touches your skin.

Skin Beautifying
Ingredients Moisturizing Ingredients

Macadamia Integrifolia Seed Oil

An effective defense against oxidation, this ingredient contains more than 20% Palmitoleic Acid, a substance that occurs naturally in skin and diminishes sharply with age. The oil mimics human sebum and penetrates skin easily, and is vital for delaying premature skin aging.


As a type of Vitamin E, Tocotrienols deliver 40 to 60 times the efficacy of the health benefits associated with regular Vitamin E (the more common Tocopherols). Sometimes known as Super Vitamin E, Tocotrienols provide antioxidant activity and encourage blood circulation, to promote a glowing, dewy complexion.

Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate

This Glycyrrhizate derivative is extracted from the Licorice herb. Offering anti-inflammatory and hypoallergenic properties, this ingredient helps prevent skin reactions and has a potent skin beautifying effect.

Ingredients Skin Beautifying Ingredients

Bio-Hyaluronic Acid

Just one gram of this acid can hold 6 litres of water! It acts as a powerful humectant to prevent moisture loss.


Trehalose is a naturally occurring sugar that possesses remarkable moisture retention properties. In cosmetics, this ingredient is thought to create a stabilizing screen on the skin cell surface, binding water to keep skin hydrated.

Fermented Soybean Extract

Extracted from fermented soybeans, this ingredient provides significant moisturizing benefits to protect and support the hydration of corneocytes, cells of the outermost skin layer.

Airless Pump Bottle

Meticulous attention has been applied not only to the ingredients, but also the container. This formula is delivered in an airless pump bottle manufactured by a top industry maker.

As the contents of the bottle decrease, the bottom piston rises to push up the remaining product, maintaining a vacuum seal. This technology protects against oxidation and contamination of the product by preventing the introduction of air into the bottle, so you can enjoy fresh serum with optimum potency from the first pump until the last.

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