8 Stem Cells Formula
Miracle Mist “MIRACERA”

What our skin needs is not only first aid care on the surface, but also revitalization of the skin system.

By integrating the power of stem-cell that is getting attention from all over the world as core component of Regenerative Treatment, this formula penetrates deep into the skin to maintain its vigorousness and smoothness. Discover this sensation on your own skin.

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8 Different Plant-Derived Stem Cells

Stem Cells have an ‘ability to duplicate their own cells to regenerate cells’.
MIRACERA formula contains 8 different kinds of Stem Cells that support the health of your skin.

8 Stem Cells with Miraculous Benefits

Liposome Composite Ceramide

MIRACERA formula contains liposome ceramide.
The formula contains Liposome ceramide,
same composition as human cutaneous ceramides,
which substantially increases the absorption in the stratum corneum.
It fulfills to strengthen barrier function in the skin as well as the protection against dehydration,
to recover plumpness in the skin.

Ceramide and Skin

Stratum corneum is a very thin, 0.2mm, superficial layer. When this layer lacks ceramide, it brings down the barrier function in the skin. In that condition, external damage to the skin and internal moisture evaporation can cause more than twice the damage to the skin. When the stratum corneum is protected by ceramide penetrated in, it prevents both external damage and internal dehydration to keep the skin hydrated and plump.

Ore Spring Water

One of the MIRACERA features is ‘Ore Spring Water’, spring water generated by the mother nature that contains abundant amount of minerals, which helps bring potent beauty effect.

4 Step For Perfect Skincare Routine

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